Retro Video Game Night

Retro Video Game Night is a quarterly retro gaming night that I used to help organise with Ian Guebert aka "The Games Master" and the fine folk at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. I'm a bit too busy to be involved with the organisation these days but it's still happening and you can get the latest dates and info from the Centre for Computing History's website.

Here you can find information and photos of the previous nights, tournament winners and the games we played back when I was involved.

Upcoming Nights

Retro Video Game Night (Christmas Edition) - Friday 7th December 2018

Retro Video Game Night #018

Written by Aidy.

Date: 2nd March 2018
Tournament: Aquatic Games (Sega Mega Drive)
Tournament Winner: Mack

The first retro night of 2018! Food truck wasn't able to make it due to weather but the "The Beast from the East" didn't seem to seem to put off everyone and we still had a fairly healthy turnout despite the snow. Although by the time people started to leave there was a healthy settling on the ground.

This was also the first time we announced the main tournament game up front, giving people the chance to practice the obscure delights of Ian's latest competition in a bid to win prizes and/or his respect.

Retro Video Game Night #017

Written by Aidy.

Date: 8th December 2017
Tournament: 2 Player Lemmings (Amiga)
Tournament Winner: Rob

The final and also busiest retro night of the year with nearly 150 people in attendance. The usual burger van pulled out at the last minute but the static one round the corner was nice enough to stay open late for us. Lord Conrad premiered a new beer and Ian introduced us to two player Lemmings. Great night, great selection of games with a selection of Christmas tunes and videos playing throughout the evening. All in all it was awesome way to round off 2017.

Retro Video Game Night #016

Written by Aidy.

Date: 8th September 2017
Tournament: ChuChu Rocket (Sega Dreamcast)
Tournament Winner: Daniel Wheeler-Davies

The penultimate retro night of 2017. Ticket sales seemed a bit slow for this one at first but then they ramped up on the last few days and we ended up with over a hundred people once again.

This was the first time we didn't have a food truck on site but no one seemed too bothered and lots of people brought their own or ordered pizzas in.

Retro Video Game Night #015

Written by Aidy.

Date: 23rd June 2017
Tournament: Windjammers (Neo Geo CD)
Tournament Winner: Mendhi

The summer Retro Night of 2017, Lord Conrad was back serving delicious ale and 400 Degree's popup pizzeria was back again and he's now armed with two ovens named Bebop and Rocksteady. The summer one is always a bit quieter but there was still a healthy number of people and a decent atmosphere.

Retro Video Game Night #014

Written by Aidy.

Date: 10th March 2017
Tournament: Speedball 2 (SNES)
Tournament Winner: Andrew

The first retro night of 2017 and the first appearance of 400 Degrees Pop Up Pizzeria who sold out, so he obviously went down quite well! Ian "The Games Master" Guebert came out swinging with his Speedball 2 tournament.