Transmission With Paul Dupree

Written by Aidy.

Just did a little interview on Chelmsford Community Radio's 'Transmission with Paul Dupree' show. I used to live in Chelmsford many years ago, even played some gigs at The Army and Navy before it got knocked down.

You can listen below, the interview kicks off around 15:45. We talk about the origin of the band name, upcoming gigs and Paul's experience with the Commodore PET.


Transmission - @CCRTransmission - 02/09/15 - Chelmsford Community Radio by Chelmsford Community Radio on Mixcloud


Sofar Sounds - 23rd Aug 2015

Written by Aidy.

First time we've ever done one of these gigs and it's completely different to anything we've done before. If you've never heard of Sofar Sounds then you can learn more here:

Dave and myself turned up at a random house off Mill Road as per the email instructions and were greeted by a very friendly group of people who explained how it all worked and were even kind enough to give me a couple of beers. The evening was kicked off with some poetry from David Aspall and then London based singer/songwriter Seb Stone took the stage and had everyone singing along including the next-door neighbours.

The highlight of the evening however has to be Grace Sarah who played an awesome set which consisted of just herself and her keyboard. If you've never heard of Grace before then be sure to check her out and if you get the opportunity to see her live then make sure you do. You can listen here:

Our next Cambridge gig is The Corner House, Saturday 3rd October 2015.

Sofar Sounds Setlist 23/08/2015
Sugar Water
Nothing Ever Lasts That Long
the British IBM

Sofar Sounds

Atic Atac ZX Spectrum Walkthrough

Written by Aidy.

Our good friend Geoff Neil has just uploaded another of his legendary walkthrough videos, this time he's playing Atic Atac on the ZX Spectrum and has even done a nice little commentary. The track Mikie from our upcoming album Psychopaths Dream in Black and White has been used on the speed-run at 16:50.

If anyone out there has used our music in any projects then feel free to get in touch and we're more than happy to share your endeavours!

Bitmap Vs Sensible: The Results

Written by Aidy.

Jon Hare & Mike Montgomery

Thanks to everyone that came along on Saturday. The Bitmap Brothers Vs Sensible Software event was a massive success and went without a single hitch, whatever your thoughts on the end results between the two video game titans.

Mike Montgomery and Jon Hare were great sports and went along with a format where we matched up five games from each of their back catalogues and attendees voted on their favourites. Our host for the evening, Mike James from Retrogaming Roundup, quizzed them about the games and announced the winners as the evening progressed. There were some great anecdotes and some extremely humorous banter between the two who have known each other as both friends and business associates for the best part of three decades.

In the end the result was a draw:

Category Sensible Software Bitmap Brothers Winner
Shooter Galaxibirds (1986) Xenon (1988) Xenon (By 21 Votes)
Sports Sensible Soccer (1992) Speedball 2 (1990) Speedball 2 (By 8 Votes)
Side Scroller Wizball/Wizkid (1987) Gods (1991) Draw
War Game Cannon Fodder (1993) The Chaos Engine (1993) Cannon Fodder (By 10 Votes)
God Sim Mega Lo Mania (1991) Z (1996) Mega Lo Mania (By 1 Vote)