Retro Video Game Night Section

Written by Aidy.

The more astute of you may have already noticed that I've added a couple of extra sections to the website. Retro Video Game Night and Retro Road Trip. The first of which contains info on all the previous Retro Video Game Nights that I organise along with the likes of Ian Guebert at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. So if you want to check out some photos from previous events or find out what tournaments we've done and who won then check it out. I've also added all the links to the upcoming nights.

I'll explain Retro Road Trip a bit later on :-)

Sugar Water

Written by Aidy.

Our song Sugar Water seems to have increased in popularity quite a bit recently, possibly due to its prominent placement in From Bedrooms to Billions. A few people have asked me what it's about and so here's a YouTube video to explain just that. Enjoy!

Hey Hey 16k

Written by Aidy.

Merry Christmas everyone! Here's cheeky cover of MJ Hibbett's legendary song Hey Hey 16. It was recorded right here at the British IBM HQ. Hope you like it and a massive thanks to MJ Hibbett for giving us his seal of approval.

It's available as a free download from the shareware section.

Tap Room - 29th Nov 2015

Written by Aidy.

This was our last full band gig of the year. We three of us performed two acoustic sets with a break in the middle at the Tap Room in St Ives.

I'll be performing one more gig this year at Clowns Cafe in Cambridge. This is going to be a solo-acoustic gig and takes place Friday 11th December 2015.

Tap Room Setlist #1 29/11/2015
Sugar Water
Hey Mikie
Just Get By
Make it Happen
Not Your Day
Just Said No

Tap Room Setlist #2 29/11/2015
Nothing Ever Lasts That Long
Pain in my Heart
3 Years
God's Front Porch
I'm Just Like You
Down Like That
The British IBM