Album Release!

Written by Aidy.

Well after another scan through the old geek calendar we've discovered that this Friday will mark 35 years of the TRS-80. The machine that Matthew Smith used to develop the epic video game titles Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy.

It also just happens that we've now completed the album and have to settle upon a release date and...well you can see where this is going. So as a nod to Tandy and the machine they released through Radio Shack outlets back in 1977 we'll be releasing our debut album this Friday the 3rd August 2012. If you can't wait that long, we're actually on tour at the moment and have a few advance copies with us that we're selling at gigs.

UK Tour 2012

Written by Aidy.

Well now the sun's finally decided to make an appearance we've decided that after spending nearly 7 months in the studio it was about time to get out into the real world again! We're hitting the road first thing tomorrow morning and heading up to Middlesbrough, and we won't be coming back again for 7 whole nights. We'll also be armed with a box full of the new album, which we'll be releasing officially very very soon but you if you come see us play you can grab one now.

Here's a full list of the upcoming shows:

  • The Legion, Middlesbrough 28/07/12
  • Northern Monkey, Leeds 29/07/12
  • The Axe and Cleaver, Boston 31/07/12
  • Cafe Bruxelles, Leicester 1/08/12
  • Thirsty Scholar, Manchester 2/08/12
  • Friars Court, Warrington 3/08/12
  • The Royal Hotel, Birmingham 4/08/12

the British IBM - Second Single

Written by Aidy.

Well our second single is now here, complete with artwork and a music video. If you like it then buy it, share it, come see us play live and we'll continue to exist! You can purchase it for a mere fifty pence at

Also as an added bonus if you email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us which company we're paying homage too in the video then we'll chuck your name in the hat to win a British IBM T-Shirt. 

Our Second Single

Written by Aidy.

On July 18th 1968 Intel was founded as Integrated Electronics Corporation by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. We thought it'd be quite fitting to celebrate this fact by releasing our second single this Wednesday the 18th July 2012, 44 years later. You can preview the artwork below, the photo on the front cover was taken when we were shooting the music video, which features a cheeky cameo from the legendary Iain Lee and writer Magnus Anderson.

the British IBM

Debut Single - Out Now!

Written by Aidy.

It's hard graft being in a band! Paul, David and myself have been working our fingers to the bone these past few months but we've finally got something to show for it. Our début single 'Animal' is out now and you guys get it totally free. Just sign up for our mailing list and we'll email you a copy.

We even have a this awesome video that was made by Jose C over at Ridertoons. Feel free to share it if you enjoy it!