Bedrooms to Billions - Cambridge Screening

Written by Aidy.

Well it had to happen sooner or later and here it is! From Bedrooms to Billions is finally getting its Cambridge screening at the Centre for Computing History on Saturday 11th April. There's also going to a Q&A with creator's Anthony and Nicola Caulfield, an acoustic set from MJ Hibbett and some after hours gaming. So make sure you get yourself a ticket!


Skool Daze ZX Spectrum Walkthrough Directors Commentary

Written by Aidy.

Our good friend Geoff Neil has created another epic walk-through video and this time it's Skool Daze for the ZX Spectrum. He's also used our track Cannibal for the speed run at 46:35. It's almost as if we inadvertently wrote this song for the speed run of this game as seems to go quite well.

If you want to use any of our music in your online creations then please feel free to do so and we're also very happy to share your endeavours with the world via our site and other social media.

Nearly There!

Written by Aidy.

Spent this weekend in the studio recording the last of the vocals and guitar, we even got a few choir members to join us and add some backing vocals which sound amazing. Genuinely looking forward to finally putting this album out into the world and hopefully it won't be too long now. In theory everything should be done in mid March and if you backed the original Kickstarter then you'll get your copy straight away. The first draft of the album artwork has also arrived and looks great, its being done by Daryl Blyth who did the artwork for the previous album. Thanks again to everyone who was kind enough to back this project and I hope to have some more updates in the near future.

random_dave is playing games for 24 hours

Written by Aidy.

Special Effect

Retrogaming Roundup Associate and all round nice guy Ben Lancaster aka random_dave is going to be playing video games for a grand total of 24 hours for charity. He'll be kicking off this feat of endurance at 12pm on February 21st and all money raised will be going to Special Effect. A charity that helps people with disabilities to enjoy video games. I think you'll agree that this is a pretty worthwhile cause and if you'd like to help Mr Lancaster reach his £250 goal then head here to find out more and to donate:

The Wild Bunch (C++ Remake)

Written by Aidy.

A little while ago I added an instrumental copy of the British IBM album to our shareware section and announced that if anyone had any projects that they'd like to use the music on then to please feel free to do so. Scott Griffiths of Slashnburn Software Studio is the most recent to do this. He's used the instrumental version of 'Is it too late to save Oscar Pike?' on his most recent YouTube episode in which he's remaking The Wild Bunch in C++. Great little project and some cool videos for geeks and retro-enthusiasts such as my self. So go and check him out, you can also follow his escapades on Twitter at @slashsoftstudio.