Is It Too Late To Save Oscar Pike?

Written by Paul.


There's absolutely nothing wrong with Oscar Pike!

Anybody who's listened to our album will be familiar with the song, 'Is It Too Late To Save Oscar Pike' - outside of the band I am a playwright and a (reluctant) actor and this was also the name of my Edinburgh Fringe show from last year. This summer, just after the UK tour with Aidy and Dave, I was back at the fringe with another Oscar show, 'There's Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Oscar Pike.' Ask anybody who performed/produced at this year's fringe and the chances are they'll tell you it was a tough year - there are many theories behind the lack of audiences (Olympics, recession, general cost of the festival), but equally everybody seems to agree it was a one-off, and still - the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is and remains the most exciting arts festival in the world. The song was frequently in the show, thus allowing my musical and theatrical worlds meet in the middle, perhaps for the first time, and strangely enough it suited the mood of the play completely. In fact it worked so well I'm tempted to write a third Oscar Pike show just to use the song again, just don't tell the rest of my production team...