81 Renshaw, Liverpool - 22nd August 2017

Written by Aidy.

81 Renshaw
Thanks to Tony Higginson for this photo.

Our first time playing Liverpool. We nearly played here at the Cavern about seven years ago but the gig got cancelled due to a headliner pulling out and we ended up doing another night in Leeds. It was great to finally play here and our good friend  and favourite promoter Matt Speight came along to see us. The cheeky scamp even ended up playing a few songs of his own. Funnily enough,we first met Matt when we played that extra night in Leeds, so it's like the circle of life or something. Anyway! Gig was great, people were lovely and venue was awesome with great beer and they double up as a record store. Local DJ Tony Higginson was kind enough to take a few pictures and has since been playing us on his show over at HCR 92.3FM. So big thanks to Tony!

81 Renshaw Setlist 03/08/2017
Sugar Water
Hey Mikie
Just Get By
We Were The Stars
Nothing Ever Lasts That Long
I'm Just Like You
The British IBM