Gimpy Bomber

Written by Aidy.

Anyone remember a game called Local Bomber for the Mattel Aquarius? I'm sure it was available on other systems but this was my first computer and this is the first game I remember playing on it. It was an incredibly simple, one button game in which a plane with "bombing capabilities" scrolled across the screen, from left to right, getting lower with each pass. The object of the game was to tap a key when the plane was above one of the skyscrapers in order to bomb it and to eventually wipe out the entire city. It might be worth pointing out that this city was an alien city and a fairly hostile one at that, so the bombing was justified. Anyway! As the levels progressed the speed increased and you ran the risk of colliding with the skyscrapers if you didn't bomb them quick enough.

Fast forward a few decades and I'm thinking about that game once again and how it would make a great mobile game. So when I had a bit of downtime from recording the new album I knocked up a prototype over at Gimpy Software and even composed some 8 bit music for the title screen, I then showed it to Dean (the other half of Gimpy Software). Dean set about fixing a few bugs that I'd deliberately left in the code because Dean loves fixing bugs in my code. Good old Dean. He then added a scoring system and bosh! We now have our first ever mobile game. It's out now on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

So there you have it. The story of Gimpy Bomber in a nutshell. You can check it our here:

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Gimpy Bomber