The British IBM - Nothing (Lyric Video)

Written by Aidy.

We have a brand new lyric video for the track Nothing from our album Psychopaths Dream in Black and White. Available on Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp and this very website!

Corner House, Cambridge - 15th September 2017

Written by Aidy.

Back at the old Corner House in Cambridge once again, this was our first outing with our new drummer Scott Wilson. Was good to play as a full band again with electric guitars and amps etc.. hopefully this will become a more regular occurrence in the new year.

Corner House Setlist 15/09/2017

Sugar Water
Hey Mikie
Just Get By
We Were The Stars

I'm Just Like You
Nothing Ever Lasts That Long
The British IBM


Zombies Ate Our Roadies!

Written by Aidy.

Excited to announce that we have another awesome fan game from Stuart Johns over at Journey of an Acorn Electron. Zombies Ate Our Roadies is text adventure featuring "your favourite band" (that's us!) and a zombie infestation.

In true retro style it's for the Acorn Electron game but will also work on a BBC B or Master that's running DFS. Plus! We've just been sent a whole box of them on 3.5" floppy and we'll be giving them away at upcoming gigs.


Zombies Ate Our Roadies!
Zombies Ate Our Roadies!

Retro Video Game Night #016

Written by Aidy.

Date: 8th September 2017
Tournament: ChuChu Rocket (Sega Dreamcast)
Tournament Winner: Daniel Wheeler-Davies

The penultimate retro night of 2017. Ticket sales seemed a bit slow for this one at first but then they ramped up on the last few days and we ended up with over a hundred people once again.

This was the first time we didn't have a food truck on site but no one seemed too bothered and lots of people brought their own or ordered pizzas in.

The British IBM On Patreon

Written by Aidy.

Things have been pretty busy here at the British IBM head quarters. We did our first ever Liverpool show last week and we're back in rehearsals and looking to do some full band shows soon. We also have a load of demos recorded and studio time booked in for this year.

We've decided to mix it up a bit this time around and try something different. So for those of you that want to help support us and get early access to our new music, along with other cool stuff, we've created a Patreon page. Check it out here:

Hope that you'll take a look and consider joining us in our creative endeavours.