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Welcome to the British IBM shareware section! This is a section of the site where we put random downloads of live recordings, demos, photos, video games and other such things that some of you may be interested in acquiring and it's all free!

Lyrics & Chords

Complete Lyrics & Chords for the British IBM (PDF)



Zombies Ate Our Roadies!

Zombies Ate Our Roadies!

Battle your way through a zombie apocalypse to get to one of our gigs!

Fangame is written by Stuart Johns for the Acorn Electron (but also works on the BBC B or Master running DFS).

You can run this disk image via an emulator like BeebEm.

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the British IBM - Instrumental

Instrumental version of the album. Very happy for this to be used in any non-commercial projects for free. Same goes for the "vocalised" album if you have a copy.

If you're Pepsi or Apple then I'm sure we can come to some other kind of arrangement.

Creative Commons Licence
the British IBM Instrumentals by Adrian Killens is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Christmas Singles

Hey Hey 16k


the British IBM - Hey Hey 16k
(Original Song By MJ Mibbett)

Track Listing
1. Hey Hey 16k

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Live Internet Gig 09March2013

Track Listing
1. Sugar Water
2. Cannibal
3. Is it too Late to Save Oscar Pike
4. 3 Years
5. God's Front Porch
6. Feeling
7. If I'd Have Just Said No
8. Bob Noyce
9. Open Your Eyes
10. Make it Happen & Pain in my Heart 

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Q Radio 06Feb2013


Q Radio 06February2013

Track Listing
1. Animal
2. Sugar Water
3. the British IBM
4. God's Front Porch

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Max Hall Remix


Max Hall Remix of the British IBM

Track Listing
1. the British IBM (Max Hall Remix)

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The legendary Max Hall who was responsible for a lot of the original compositions that were used in From Bedrooms to Billions took it upon himself to do a cheeky remix of the British IBM.

You can check out more from him at:



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