Weezer Cruise Competition (We Didn't Win)

Written by Aidy.

If you cast your mind back to late 2013 you may remember that Dave and myself made a little music video for Feeling in an attempt to win a support slot on the Weezer Cruise. The winner was determined by the number of YouTube likes received. Unfortunately we didn't win but thanks loads to everyone that was nice enough to take time out to like and share it.

Don't worry though, we will indeed stick to our promise, that was the first and last time we'll ever ask you to vote for something. We're not about to turn into one of those annoying bands that's pestering you via email and facebook on a daily basis trying to claw our way up a local radio station's unsigned chart etc. This was a one off.

In the end the winner was these guys with over 7000 likes! So congratulations to Sotogarcia, and thanks once again to all those that liked and shared our video :-)